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...for Love, for Style, for Everyone.

It started with a love of earrings and costume jewelry.
In my youth I was very envious of girls with pierced ears. So much that I would beg my mother to take me to pierce my ears. Before my teens I had them done three times, all ending in tears birthed from a terrible infection. My sensitive lobes could only stand at least 14 kt gold studs, which was well outside our family budget.

Everything changed with the opening of my Grandmother's jewelry box.
She introduced me to clips and screw back earrings, gently adorning my little ears with her lightest earrings and changing my life forever.

That day forward I have been enamored with vintage earrings, clips and screw backs.
I clung to these treasures and eventually fell into refashioning my favorite clip on earrings with the necessary studs to maintain the health of my lobes. What blossomed in that special endeavor encouraged a passion to pass on my adoration of clips to the world and to continue bringing the classic vintage styles I love up to a modern standard.

YournNonce has since grown into something much more than earrings.

Currently we offer earrings which have been refashioned with studs, and as well many more vintage options in their full true glory. We're endlessly stalking estate and garage sales for the perfect finds reminiscent of years spent antiquing in the southwest.

If you happen to wonder about the name of our shop, it is derived from a love of literature and odd archaic wordings, which just like the treasures we sell, will fall away if not tended to.  Roughly translated means, your moment.

Thank you for stopping by and remember to tend to the things you love.