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Vintage chunky gold toned monet bracelet
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A classic gold toned bracelet, this vintage piece is bold and beautiful. It features a fun scalloped design, lending dimension to your look. Signed Monet, this piece is also equipped with a chain guard for ease and security.  _DETAILS_Gold TonedFlip...

vintage white gold filled scarab bracelet
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Timeless in a white gold finish, this vintage scarab beetle bracelet is a beautiful piece suitable for casual, business and upscale occasions. It showcases 6 semiprecious gemstones carved into scarab beetles. It is finished in a 1/20 12K white gold fill...

round dainty scarab bracelet vintage gold filled - displayed on wood background
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A unique take on the classic oval scarab bracelet, this scarab beetle bracelet features petite round gemstones. It is an elegant addition suitable for casual, business and even formal occasions. It showcases 8 carved semiprecious stones, including bloodstone and rhodochrosite,...

14k gold vintage scarab bracelet
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Iconic and timeless, this vintage scarab beetle bracelet is an instant heirloom. It showcases 9 semiprecious gemstones, including carnelian, tiger's eye, multicolored chalcedony and aventurine carved into scarab beetles set in 14kt yellow gold. It is secured with a box clasp and...

banded agate scarab bracelet gemstones
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Simple and classic, this 1950's vintage scarab beetle bracelet is an elegant piece suitable for casual, business and upscale occasions. It showcases 5 semiprecious stones carved into scarab beetles and set with a unique sawtooth setting technique. It is finished in...

gemstone scarab bracelet horizontal stones
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This elegant scarab bracelet is an oversized version of the classic vintage Egyptian revival bracelets we adore. It features seven semiprecious gemstones carved into scarab beetles, including a beautiful blood stone, and completed in a 1/20 14 K yellow gold filled...

Vintage Scarab Bracelet
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This 1950's vintage scarab bracelet is a standard in style and timeless fashions. It features gemstones carved and set in gold toned links. The stones in this bracelet are slightly uncommon and include a Bloodstone and a light pink stone, possibly Rhodonite.  _DETAILS_  Gemstones Carved...

Vintage 12 k Yellow Gold Filled Winard Bracelet
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This vintage 12k yellow gold filled beauty is a timeless piece perfect for work or play. It features a striking modern design with hammered details.  _DETAILS_12 K Yellow Gold Filled FinishLink BraceletBox ClaspChain Guard Approx. Measurements:  7 1/4 inch long 3/4...

Vintage sterling silver panel link bracelet
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This sterling silver bracelet features a beautiful ribbon design. Crafted in the 1930's or 40's, it features a panel design and simple box clasp. Dress this piece up for an elegant look or wear it with your favorite casual dress.  _DETAILS_ 30s...

Dolphin sterling silver link bracelet
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These playful sterling silver dolphins are a lovely way to dress up your favorite beachy or casual look.  _DETAILS_Sterling SilverDolphin ShapedSpring Ring ClaspSigned 925 Approx. Measurement:  7 1/4 inches long Condition: Great condition, some tarnish and light surface wear typical of...

Hans Saugmann Bjerregaard Link Bracelet on wood
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A modernist beauty, this Danish sterling silver link bracelet features striking lines and an over sized spring ring clasp. It blends seamlessly with your favorite casual looks but also has an air of elegance to befitting formal attire as well....

50's Leaf & Rhinestone Bracelet
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Elegance for any occasion, this 1950's bracelet features soft pink and blue aurora borealis rhinestones. The frosty hues allow you transition seamlessly from day to night and from winter into spring.  _DETAILS_ 50's Bracelet Gold Toned Rhinestones Leaf Design Signed STAR Approx. Measurements:  7 3/4 inch...


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