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Hello all! Cole here,

I'm the owner, creator, curator and wild child behind YournNonce. I've adored vintage from a young age and spent much time in my youth thrifting and stalking antique shops for treasures. I am lucky to have family all over the map to thrift with, spending much time on the left coast and in the southwest. Our current home is now in the greater Philadelphia area, serendipitous that we're so close to the antiques capital of the US. 
YournNonce, a Middle English pairing of words which roughly translates to "Your Moment", was originally created to share clip on earrings with the world. Specifically, clip on earrings transformed into studs for modern wearers. As with all wonderful things, it grew and today I am happy to have a small team and the ability to offer a full line of vintage wares and even some clothing. We have customers across the globe and are so grateful we get to share small pieces of the past with the future. 
Thank you for stopping in today and supporting our small business! 
 - Cole

We're always happy to share in your moments and stories, so please feel free to reach out or tag us in social media posts - you can share in our moments on Instagram @YournNonce

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