Bakelite - Red and Brown Laminate bakelite bracelet

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This bakelite bangle features a unique laminate design combining marbled red and marbled brown bakelite to form one bangle. The colors are just stunning in a swirled chocolate brown and vibrant marbled cherry red. This piece is wonderful addition for collectors and perfect for daily Bakelite adventures in autumnal colors.

Wrist opening measures just over 2 1/2 inches.
The bangle is 5/8 inch wide and is under 1/4 inch thick

Good with one notable flaw. Overall this bangle is in good condition with surface scuffs and scraps consistent with age and use. This Bakelite bracelet features a slight gap in a portion of the laminate, possibly due to damage or error during manufacturing. The gap is very fine, and measures just about 2 inches in length. This irregularity shouldn't prevent regular use or wear of the bangle. Please review images as the area is made clearly visible. Please feel free to send any questions or concerns through conversation.