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Brown Celluloid Flower Bangle


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Delicate in style and beauty, this celluloid bangle bracelet features a a rich chocolate brown hue. Collectible and easy to style, this vintage bangle is perfect for modern floral lovers, as well the vintage obsessed.


Easy to Style

approx. 1/2 inch wide

Condition: Great previously owned condition. Some wear to brown finish on tips of flowers, exposing the pale color beneath. No major cracks or damage, the deep groves from the flowers mean this bangle is difficult to clean and some dust from storage may be present.

Care: Keep all celluloid away from open flames and do not store in air tight containers.

Please know that color can vary with device or settings and may not be true to this bracelet's colors.

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Brown Celluloid Bangle Bracelet Vintage

Brown Celluloid Flower Bangle