Swirled Square Bakelite - Red Marbled Bakelite Bangle Bracelet

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Add to your Bakelite stack with this unique shaped bangle. Classically marbled in red and butterscotch, it features a rounded square design. This Bakelite bracelet is perfect for collectors and bangle lovers looking to add a fiery flair to their stack!


Marbled Red and Butterscotch
Rounded Square Design
Simichrome Tested

3/8 inch wide
2 1/2 inch wrist opening

Condition: Good to Great previously owned condition. It has a couple visible scratches as well as light surface scuffs from wear. one small scratch or scuff on one corner.

Note: Colors can appear slightly different with each device or screen. The colors viewed may not be 100% accurate to this bangle's true colors.

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