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Turquoise cluster ring size 9 1/2 onyx center


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This gorgeous cluster ring features 12 turquoise stones surrounding an oval onxy. It is an inch long and gorgeous Native piece. Pair it with your favorite rings or wear it solo to make a statement.


Size 9.5
Sterling Silver
Turquoise and Onyx
Signed H?? (unknown)

1 inch x 7/8 inch

Condition: Good previously owned condition. Onyx stone has surface wear (from cutting or wear,) and there is some residue corrosion on the inner roping (see images.) This ring has not been cleaned and the original price mark of 160 can be seen in negative tarnish.

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Size 9 Native American Turquoise Cluster Ring

Turquoise cluster ring size 9 1/2 onyx center