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Sobral Chunky Round Link Necklace
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If you love to take your look to the max, step up your accessories game with this Sobral Chunky Round Link Necklace. With bold colors and a playful chunky aesthetic, this vibrant beauty is sure to make a statement. _DETAILS_*HAS...

Sobral Rainbow Round Bullseye Bead Necklace
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This beautiful Sobral resin necklace features vibrant layers of resin carved into fun bullseye beads. It is strung on a flexible wire with small beads and is finished in a lobster clasp. It is fun, bright and bold: All the...

1980's chunky gold toned necklace
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This gold toned necklace goes from work to the bar and on  your weekend getaways. It's easy to style up or down, making it a reliable staple piece.  _DETAILS_ 80's Vintage Gold Toned Flip Latch Signed Korea Approx. Measurements:  1/2 inch wide 18 inches long Condition:...

gold toned vintage chain necklace
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A fun gold toned chunky chain necklace that is just right for pairing with dresses, leather or your favorite hip hugging look.  _DETAILS_ 80's Vintage Gold Toned Spring Ring Unsigned Approx. Measurements:  1/2 inch wide 18 inches long Condition: Good. Light surface wear throughout,. No major...

Double Cherry Plastic Vintage Necklace
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This plastic cherry statement necklace is just the level of fun you're looking for. Semi translucent chain links are paired with opaque leaves and double cherry dangles. This is not Bakelite but still 100% fabulous and perfect for retro looks...

Natural bohemian necklace vintage - twist design with natural elements
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Contrast your look with this bohochic beaded necklace. It features natural elements in a twisted design that's great for pairing with southwestern looks and modern styles.  _DETAILS_ Beaded Natural Elements Great Textures Barrel Clasp Unsigned Approx. Measurements: 25 inches long 1/2-3/4 inch thick in twist area Condition:...

Vintage Native American Bison Buffalo Fetish Necklace Carved Stone
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The bison or American Buffalo is revered by many Native American Tribes. Some see it as a symbol of strength and endurance. This necklace features an array of bison fetishes (small carvings typically made for ceremonial purposes.) The creator made...

Geometric Wooden Necklace
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Make a statement with this dark geometric vintage necklace. Crafted from wood it features alternating polygon and round beads withe a cylindrical center beads all in a lustrous black. Dress this wood necklace up or dress it down for a...

Dark Bohemian Multi Strand Necklaces
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This dark statement necklace will help you make a bold statement. It is crafted from buffalo horn beads and as such features varying colors and striations in deep browns and tans. It features a semi rigid, multi strand bib design...

Chunky Geometric Vintage Silver Necklace
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This unique statement necklace features silver geometric and tube beads paired with white natural stones for a look suitable for night life, as well as dressy casual days. Pair it with a collared shirt and bold blazer or rock a...

Bohemian Chunky Ball Necklace
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Create a unique look with this bold, tiered statement necklace. It features a silver toned metal construction and natural bone beads, making it perfect for bohemian or tribal style lovers. Pair it with denim, knits, your favorite strapless dress or...

Gold Toned Ladder Necklace -  1970's Textured tiered necklace
Out stock

Details are everything! Make sure your outfit doesn't fall short by adding this gold toned ladder necklace to your look. It's eye catching and will easily transform your favorite party dress thanks to a bold textured design and free hanging...


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