Floral Celluloid Bangle Bracelet

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Vibrantly painted, this vintage celluloid bangle showcases roses, daisies and leafy floral designs. Let it add a touch of spring to your day in any season. 

 30's / 40's 
 Molded Celluloid
 Floral Design
 Hand Painted
 Made in Japan

Approx. Measurement:
 1/2 inch wide
 2 1/2 inch wrist opening

Condition: This vintage celluloid flower bracelet has high relief and thus there is some residual dust in the textures. We've cleaned it with a dry brush but some remains. The paint is imperfect, overall a lovely piece with wear consistent with age and use. 


Please Note: Celluloid is camphor based and highly flammable. It is extremely important to keep this piece away from open flames and high heat. Store in a cool, ventilated location out of direct sun.