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Floral Clamper Bracelet Vintage Wedding - Bridal Jewelry


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Add an air of elegance to your look with this vintage Clamp style flower bracelet. Crafted from Celluloid, this bracelet is lightweight and perfect for vintage weddings, airy bohemian styles or any modern look that calls for something sweet and floral.


Lightweight Celluloid
Off-white Matte Finish
Clamp Design

1 inch wide
Opens to 2 1/2 inches wide
Closed wrist size is 2 2 1/2 inches

Condition: Good previously owned condition. Notable issues: when closed the bracelet isn't perfectly aligned (see images,) it is off by 1/8 inch. Some discoloration and residue from storage.

CARE: Lightweight Celluloids (commonly referred to by brand names Featherweigth, Bubbleite, Lite-Wate,) Should be kept away from heat sources and open flames. Water is not recommended for cleaning, as it can degrade the finish and cause damage. Instead use a soft, dry brush.

What is Celluloid? Celluloid is am early vintage plastic which contains camphor. It is very lightweight and was later discontinued in favor of heavier more durable forms of plastic. Celluloid was one of the first plastics to be widely used in making jewelry.

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Floral Clamper Bracelet Vintage Wedding - Bridal Jewelry

Floral Clamper Bracelet Vintage Wedding - Bridal Jewelry