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Marbled Red Bakelite Bangle


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A stunning mid-century marbled bangle of the early plastic Bakelite in red! This piece is chunky and features swirls of butterscotch for an awesome flaming look. It does have surface scuffs and wear consistent with age and use, but no major scratches or cracks. Its a great color for summer, spring or fall and will easily complement both modern and vintage wardrobes.

Color: Red with Butterscotch marbling
Material: Bakelite

Condition: Good with surface scuffs and scratches consistent with age and use. No major damage

Opening: Just over 2.5 inches (approx 6.4 cm) across
Width: Just under .75 inch (approx 1.8 cm) wide
Thickness: 3/8 inch (approx .95 cm) thick curve

Please note: This item is pre-owned and does feature wear. Please review images and see notes above. Color in pictures may vary based upon your phone, tablet or computers display.

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