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Mid-century Silver Toned Rings


12 stone
3 stone large
3 stone small
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These vintage rings are ideal for every day wear as a silver accent. They're Heavy gold electroplated and are designed to sparkle . Select your ring from the options above and please review the details and size below.

Silver toned

1 - 12 stone ring. Size 9.75 This mid-century ring features 12 white rhinestones set in an 18kt hge band. Crafted by Vargas. Good condition with some surface wear (finish chipping near stones.) Face is 1/2 inch x 3/8 inch

2 - 3 stone ring Large. Size 11.25 This vintage ring has 3 rhinestones set on a textured band. 18kt hge. In fair condition, very light surface pitting and rhinestones are slightly off color.

3 - 3 stone ring Small. Size 9.25 a duplicate of its larger size, but in Great condition. Very minimal surface wear from storage. Stone setting is 1/2 inch wide

4 - Solitaire Ring. Size 6.25 This ring is in excellent condition with a faux diamond and 18k Gold electroplate. Stone stands 1/4 inch from band

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