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Orange Sugared Flower Brooch


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This orange flower brooch features a "sugared" textured finish. It has 19 petals to form a lush bloom in a bold mod orange color. Pair it with your favorite 50s or 60s garb or make a modern look pop with a this bright accent. The pin catch cover is no longer present, so it has the function of an old C clasp.

Orange Flower
Sugared Textured
Metal and Enamel

approx. 2 3/4 inch across

This brooches clasp cover is missing, so it will function like an older C clasp. The hinge still has good tension, so it doesn't fall out. There are several areas where the finish is spotty or slightly thing, including edges and towards the center of the bloom. This brooch is not new and has wear from age and use. Please review the images and know that color can vary with your device's screen or settings.

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