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Sunface Inlay Zuni Ring - Size 7 3/4


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In classic Zuni styling and inlay techniques, this Sunface ring will make a wonderful addition to your collection. The inlay design incorporates several natural stones and resin for a stunning look.


Size 7.75 US
Zuni SunFace
Sterling Silver

Just under 1 inch wide
3/4 inch long

Condition: Good previously owned condition. Some tarnish and patina present, as well as a bit of surface wear.

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In the Zuni Culture, the sun father is considered one of the most important beings. The sun brings life, prosperity, joy, happiness, luck, fortune, even peace. Prayers to the sun god are a central part of life and as such you can find countless examples of Sun related art throughout Zuni artisan work depicting the Sun Father through Sun Face inlay work. This ring's depiction of Sun Face is often interpreted as the sun deity wearing a headdress but is not the only version, we may see him with full beams or in bursts of inlay reminiscent of the wings of an eagle. Each Zuni artist may express him in their own style and heart.

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SunFace Zuni Inlay Ring

Sunface Inlay Zuni Ring - Size 7 3/4